Arran Blair Hairdressing: Creating an immersive experience for new website visitors

With a year of the "work from home" culture changing the way businesses operate, it's clear we've unlocked a new lease of life for the future through technology. And, though many organisations have returned to the world of in-person work, the importance of a company pitching itself on the digital map has never been more overt.

ABH had closed their shop for many months during the Pandemic, so they knew it had never been more important to get prospective customers down their lead pipeline using their website. Reaching out to LHV, Arran Blair Hairdressing shared their interest in creating a walk-in showcase video of the salon, depicting the hospitable customer experience upon arrival, therapeutic treatment, and the hairdressing itself.

After the shoot had been discussed and arranged, Luke headed over to the venue based at 43 Sea Road, Littlehampton, and met the team who make it happen. Arran (Salon Director), Hannah (Apprentice) and Ruby (Senior Stylist and Extensionist) were all on site for the day, doing their talented work as usual.

Arran wrote a list of the main procedures - customer greeting, hair washing, drying, cutting, straightening and styling - that take place, with Luke capturing cinematic footage of each stage. The results were then cut together into short 30 second and 1 minute highlight videos for use on the landing page of

Since the launch of their new website, headed up by LHV's immersive video, Salon Director Arran shared that the investments are already beginning to come to fruition:

"Online bookings have increased, the video was integral to that. The great thing about it is it gives potential customers a chance to explore our store virtually."

It isn't surprising that there's been an increase in online bookings. Studies show that website pages with videos spur on visitors to stay longer (bounce rates) than those without. Video has a positive effect on a website's search rankings.

This was one of ABH's first experiences of professional media production for their organisation, and it certainly opened a new door to prospects exploring their salon online, as Arran explains:

[Prior to working with LHV...] "we hadn't recorded many videos at all. We'd made a few through lockdown; 'how-tos' and things like that. They went down well. But, letting people see what it's like inside the salon in LHV's video was a really good way for them" [to experience our brand].

So, how has this taste of commercial content creation impacted ABH's vision for the future of their communications?

"It's definitely something I would enter into again. The whole process was really good; good fun to do. Video is a great medium to reinforce what you're trying to put across to the client [when they make their first interaction with your organisation online."]

As ABH opens its doors to customers once again, they, along with LHV, are excited to see the continual impact this creation is going to have on the growth of clientele and increase of revenue.

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