National Landlord Investment Show: Reconnecting the nation's property investment sector

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

The National Landlord Investment Show is a one of a kind event. For years, it has provided landlords, property investors, and curious entrepreneurs with exceptional learning resources and networking opportunities, hosting trade shows up and down the country, with guest speakers and panellists of the likes of Paul Mahoney (Nova Financial), Helen Chorley (Property Sisters UK), John Howard (Exquisite Home), and many more.

NLIS was determined not to let the national lockdowns get between them and their network during the COVID-19 pandemic, so they arranged a selection of interviews to be filmed between managing director Tracey Hanbury, and guest speakers frequent to the events - the series was titled Landlord Investor Hour. These interviews provided an opportunity for the experts to share their knowledge and experience with NLIS's fanbase, keeping them resourced and in touch with the show during a period of global, social disconnection.

LHV provided a comprehensive video-production service, handling the lighting, audio recordings, camera operation and sound monitoring for the shoots themselves, as well as the post-production (editing) thereafter. The first two episodes were required very soon after the recording day, so first drafts of the hour-long shows were swiftly delivered in less than 7 days.

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