TSL Lighting Ltd: Putting the event giant back in the limelight post-COVID

A short case-study on how LHV helped lighting and rigging company TSL Lighting rebuild trust with their online following after a year of disrupted business due to the pandemic.

There are very few companies whose business has not been affected by COVID-19's impact over the past year, and this global lighting and rigging supplier has not been excluded. Most of the international gatherings that saw dozens, hundreds and thousands grab tickets throughout the preceding years had to either adapt their experiences for online viewing, postpone, or most sadly, close up shop for good.

But as restrictions lifted, hopes of larger gatherings began to seep over the horizon again. It was time for TSL to reiterate their stake as an industry leading provider and remind their clientele they remain standing by their side.

This all took the form of a short-form social media promo. Visiting their Basingstoke warehouse in April 2020, Luke met the team, had a tour of the facility and captured footage of all the key aspects of the operations. From inventory management, to quality assurance, through to the loading of equipment for transport. By working closely with Director Loz Wilcox, TSL was able to keep their hands on the steering wheel, ensuring the focus of the production met their requirements. This was the case on set and online as updates were posted regarding the project during post-production.

TSL has a remarkable portfolio of events under their belt. So, it was essential to incorporate event footage from their content library. With a range of recordings from BBC Sport, Glastonbury Festival, a Google Pixel event, Magic Mike, a KSI music video, and many more, LHV and TSL were able to bring the promotional to a powerful close, reminding their clientele of their prestige as a leading industry supplier and re-affirming trust for the post-pandemic future.

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